Saturday, November 17, 2007

Annual Family Football Tailgate

Breakfast tailgate, a bruised hip, a clown, a fat lip, meeting Ronald McDonald, a great football game (with your team winning), 4 exhausted toddlers, a trip to the Varsity, and complete silence on the baby monitors by 8:15 pm. . .

What more could you ask for on a beautiful November Saturday?

We had a very full day. When you have multiples routines and/or schedules are essential for sanity in life. Days like today test how adaptable your kids are when they are taken out of their daily comfort zone. Luckily, with some help we made and had a blast.

Fabthemayor to the rescue ... again. She and her younger daughter went with us to enjoy the fun and help round up toddlers. They arrived around 8:15am and we headed downtown for a fun-filled, busy day.

Clif has had season tickets at Georgia Tech since the 80s. He's a true fan. We have been tailgating with the same people for about 6 seasons. They have an RV and the whole group of people around them are really fun and very hospitable. We arrived to a fan club of sorts. They have followed closely the last four season as we were pregnant, then giving birth, then bringing kids with us over the past 2 seasons.

The first year Austin was born he went to every home game. He was a trooper. After the triplets arrived our football lives changed. Last year and this year we have picked one game to take the whole crew. Today they made it from pre-game tailgating to a post-game trip to The Varsity.

Both years I haven't expected much and both years I have been shocked that they lasted the ENTIRE game! This year was much harder than last as three 2-year olds needed to play musical laps when they started getting enough football. This is unbelievable but we didn't have any melt downs.

There were two pre-game injuries. I was the first. All four kids were fascinated by the Westies that one of the RV tailgaters bring to every game. There are 4 pups and the mom. They are adorable and they fence them in next to their RV.

Tyler decided to head around the fencing and was headed too close to the parking lot for my Mommy Comfort Zone. I took off around the fence after him and as I he was almost in reach a 90 pound golden doodle took my legs out from underneath me as he chased one of the westies. I fell flat on one side or my derriere. I got right up, caught Tyler and didn't hurt that much. Tonight, my back is tight.

The second injury was John. He is our wandering explorer. Of the triplets, he is the one you'll find off on his own somewhere. And lately, he sings and hunts for something new to explore.

Frances was following him and had to watch as he tripped and caught himself with his lips on the asphalt. After a few second delay he realized that he was bleeding and the crying began. He's got a pretty puffy lip, but he didn't let it bother him.

Here are some shots of the day. Enjoy!

John before the game. Doesn't he look cute in that hat? The triplets have hats that say 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. That gets a lot of smiles.

Tyler and Austin - quality control of the collegiate decor.

Tyler checking some more decorations.

The chase is on. Clif stayed on one end and Frances and I had the end by the street. Curious two year olds are busy people.

Frances' youngest, Austin, and Tyler playing with the Westies.

The clown making airplanes and swords for the kids.

John and me with his sword.

Ronald McDonald greeting kids on the way into the game.

Lauren and Daddy. Does the have the 'Clif' look or what?

Buzz, the GT mascot climbed up to see the kids. Lauren screamed. John and Tyler were really quiet. Austin managed a high-five.

Tyler, Clif, and Lauren during the game.

Family Shot - take 1.

Family shot - take 2.

After the game Lauren passed out.

John at the Varsity. He should do some of their advertising, huh?

At home after the game. We had 4 exhausted toddlers in Varsity hats.


jen said...

Hope your back gets better real soon

My Little Man likes to sing "his own little songs"

Hope John is ok too

cool hats

sounds like a good day and bless your friends for helping again :)

NANA said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day for all. Hope injuries heal quickly.

Kellan said...

What great pictures - what a great day!!! You are one brave Mama!!! I'm glad you all had such a good time and glad there were puppies for the babies to enjoy. Take care. Kellan

MaryBeth said...

Looks like lots of hard work for mommy, but I'm sure it was tons of fun too!!

Mommy Brain said...

Looks like a great day. Love the pics and the captions. Thanks for sharing!