Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things Moms Learn at Preschool

Our children go to a wonderful preschool. The teachers are great, they love all of the kids, and the kids are really learning a lot. I'm learning a lot too! I'm learning things about our children in other situations.

Yesterday was a great example. Like most moms, I try to talk to their teachers when I drop them off and pick them up about their behavior and things that they are learning. I got lots of information yesterday.

We talk a lot with the triplets' teachers about how they interact with each other and other kids outside our family. Being a mom of multiples makes me a little more sensitive to these kinds of interactions. It's really important to us that they develop as individuals and not a group.

Lauren has had them fooled. She's been a sweet, quiet girl in school. They finally heard her voice this week. John was either hurt or tussling with someone else over a toy. She thought he was hurt and yelled, "JOHN!!" from across the room. They were surprised. I just grinned beause we hear that voice more at home. She can be assertive when needed.

The next thing I found out from dropping the triplets off was about John. They don't even notice me leaving anymore. I don't really even get a wave or kiss. They're too busy playing with their friends. Yesterday John went to the gate as I left and said, "Where's Reesie?" His teacher laughed and said, "John, are you looking for your girlfriend?" She told me that John and Reesie walk around holding hands a lot. Then she clarified and said, "...actually, Reesie kind of leads John around the room."

As I left I was grinning and thinking of how many more of these little things we'll hear about as they grow up. They are all so different. We'll never get bored for sure.

Austin walks with me to drop off John, Lauren, and Tyler, then we head to his classroom which is upstairs. He loves to use the elevator to push the button. As we rounded the corner another man was headed to the elevator. He didn't have a preschooler with him so I assumed that he was headed to the church office.

We headed into the elevator, Austin pushed the button and without missing a beat headed over to the man on the elevator. He extended his hand and said, "Hi! I'm Austin." The man, very surprised, replied, "Well Hi, little buddy, I'm Al." He couldn't get over how he shook his hand. What do you think? Is he a future preacher, politician, or salesman? He's a natural.


The Trier and Jen said...

I guess Lauren needed time to settle in
she must have been worried about her bro bless her

It good that they feel so settled there and that it keeps them busy :)
awwwwwwwwwww John has an admirer how cute

its also good for Austin to have some time away from his siblings

Lynne Id say Austins behaviour is a reflection on what an excellent job you and Clif are doing raising your children


Debbie said...

This provided much needed smiles and laughter today. Thanks as always.

FabTheMayor said...

Austin is, afterall, his father's son : )