Friday, September 12, 2008

He Drew A Map and Everything

We've been trying to let the kids do special things by themselves. I imagine it's hard to be one of 4 kids who are so close in age. They need to have their own experiences without having to compete for attention.

Frances has invited each of our kids to spend a night with he all by themselves. Austin was up first. He was so excited. The rule was he had to have good behavior all week. The picture taken above was Friday morning before preschool. He drew a map to her house on his little doodle. He was so excited! In case you are wondering how to get to her house, I'm sure that you could follow his directions. :-)


He blew it. His teacher uses a red, yellow, green behavior system. He had all greens for the past two weeks. . .until Friday. He was devastated when I told him that he couldn't spend the night away. I bet we get lots more greens for the next few weeks though.

Frances refused to extent the invitation to one of the triplets. She extended it to any of the triplets, but I had to pick. She has Aunt privileges and you know they can't show favorites. So we did the most fair thing. We drew names. Now I still don't know if my 3, almost 3-year olds got that concept, but we did it anyway. In fact, Lauren threw an unbelievable fit. And, of course, Frances wasn't here and didn't get to hear it.

Tyler won. He did great. It is so wonderful and so sad to see them grow up so fast.

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Anonymous said...

My children argue constantly about who's turn it is to spend the night with Nana. I think I may try drawing names! Maybe it will cut down on the screaming. LOL